Handpick Smart Groceries E-commerce Project


Handpick, Inc


e-commerce web & iOS app design, recipe booklet, food delivery box design.


Product Design / UI & UX Design / Web Design / HTML Coding

Handpick Product Team

Payman Nejati, Creative Director / CEO
Mariana Abdala, Project Manager
Christina Nee, Content Editor

Special thanks: Tech team in Shanghai.

Handpick e-commerce website Design

e-commerce app design (iOS)

User flow map, wireframes, mockups, functional specs…

Recipe Card & Booklet Print Design


“Hiro was the lead UI and Product Designer on Handpick’s product team. I can’t say enough positive things about our experience working together, We collaborated on a number of different projects spanning from mobile UX flows, to printed recipe booklets, to digital marketing banners. Hiro is able to deliver quick prototypes with minimal information, making his role in brainstorms and ideation sessions both effective and game-changing. He pays close attention to the needs of all stakeholders involved in projects and meanwhile keeps in mind the needs of the end user/customer. With an emphasis on human-centered design, his creative process is adaptable to many types of product development environments, whether they are small and scrappy or late-stage and more mature.

I hope to work with Hiro again in the near future and would recommend him for just about any role involving UI design for mobile and web, art direction, product design, and visual design. He is a rare gem!”

Mariana Abdala, Product Management