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UI/UX Design / Web Design & Development / Branding

The Mission

Julianna Gaines is a relationship broker focused on software industry. Our goal was to differentiate the client’s recruiting strategy from her competitors with a design concept that is uniquely personal and approachable. Vintage design hallmarks and typography bring warmth and character without distracting from Gaines’ credentials of super-recruiter for the high-tech, digital world.

brand identity & logo design


A relationship broker (super recruiter), who helps tech companies gain competitive advantage by introducing candidate experts and facilitating win-win, revenue-producing employment relationships.

Brand Promise

1. Serve as strategic recruiting advisor, support corporate growth and hiring manager vision.
2. Evangelize employment opportunity & engage passive, high performance candidates.
3. Facilitate relevant, productive, revenue-producing relationships.

Final Concept

Just like the secret agent 007, Julianna Gaines is a secret, super recruiter or broker, who performs a premium job that others cannot do.




Web Design & Development

The single parallax homepage that includes some infographics intuitively communicates and talks Julianna’s business strategy to the target audience.


“Like, WOW. Nobuhiro holds a high bar for design esthetic. He has a gift and intuitive ability to extract the core essence of my personal self & professional offering. Collecting images, words and thoughts – Nobuhiro synthesized it all into organized engaging design that tells a congruent story. He delivered original concepts and imagery to establish my brand and first official site. Much Gratitude! ”

− Julianna Gaines

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