Nobuhiro Sato

I believe "working is to help people."

If my kid asks me why I am a designer, I will answer, “because I have interesting problems that I must solve and it’s really fun.”

Design thinking brought me into the real design world, not only making look good  but also how it works. Designing people’s experience sounds really cool job to me when I heard about UX designer for first time. I never thought about how hard UX designer’s job is at the time. How technology solves or helps people’s problems that creates service as a business is my main focus for last 8 years.

“When I had a kid I thought about the future of our planet. “

Sustainability is my current curiosity. I remember reading a book called Green Graphic Design by Celery Design and “designing backwards” was really inspirational. Now it’s essential for our livable planet. If I create something I should always remember about the destination of the creation first.

What I Love
  • Trail running & mountaineering
  • Traveling all over the world
  • Cooking traditional Japanese soups & steamed rice
  • Brewing Kombucha
  • Ashtanga (Mysore) yoga